Ruckage, known for heavily polished GP2x Freeware games, hits the news again. Today he wrote us about a major retouch of his old GP2x Fenix game Blingo.

Here is what he wrote:

This is a complete re-write of the code with some major new features and new graphics, the only image being re-used from the original is the cherub and even he has had some tidying up and has been completely re-coloured.

One of the new features I’m trying to incorporate is full touchscreen support, I feel the game is ideal for this so it makes sense to me to add it. Unfortunately I don’t own an F200 unit and can’t afford to buy one so if you’re feeling generous and would like to donate some money to me you can visit my rather shabby website (I’ll update it sometime) and use the donate button to send me some money through paypal. If I can raise enough to get the F200 then I will obviously be more inclined to make games that support the touchscreen, and it would also make it easier for me to develop and then test the touchscreen functions. I will keep you informed of the total amount donated (if any) in this post. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Click here to be taken to my website if you would like to donate.

Anyway, enough begging and onto a wip Blingo 2008 screen shot. The next image shows the profile selection screen, each profile you create stores your name, number of games played and personal best score. You may also notice that each profile has a small avatar which you design when you create the profile.

Apart from touch screen support and numerous other small changes and additions there is another major addition…… which I’m going to keep secret for the time being but may reveal in a few days time. Watch this space.