Willems Soft / Joyrider Released a new version of his puzzle game blockdude. For those that don’t know yet, Blockdude is a puzzle game where you need to be able to reach the exit by moving boxes, it’s as simple as that. It is a remake of the Blockman Game from Soleau Software and the TI 83 Blockdude game by brandon sterner. There are 23 levels included. 21 Levels from the orginal blockman game and 2 levels created by me. The game has a built in level editor so you can create new levels on your own and release them as levelpacks. You can also play upto 25 of your own ogg/mod music files, there is skin support and lastly you can reconfigure your external joysticks button mappings!


– Added support for external joysticks on the cradle
– Added an option to remap the external joystick’s button function.
– Added fusion’s powers FP_default2 skin