iprice is looking for a beta tester of his new game Blox.


Hi all, I’m completely new to the GP2X, and I’m actually asking for help with regard to a working project.

I’m in the process of finishing off a puzzle game written for the GP2X

I’ve been writing it on a pc in GLBasic, however I’m not able to test my game on a GP2X (F200 only at the moment).

I’m asking for a genuine willing a dedicated volunteer (or two) to help test the game on a real F200. I’m interested in any/all bugs sound problems and gameplay difficulties especially with touchscreen control.

The final version will be freely available for any GP2X.

The file as it stands is less than 2Mb compiled(.RAR) so it’s not very big. The game is simple in concept, but becomes devilishly difficult, but hopefully still fun.

If you are genuine, interested and most importanly ABLE to test on a REAL GP2X F200 (the one with touchscreen), then please email/PM (if available) me.