Sphinxter released Buzzy’s Bad Day for GP2x.

Release notes:

Brand X presents, “Buzzy’s Bad Day”, another solo effort by Linus Sphinx depicting the classic struggle for life and death in the garden of evil in this latest artistic shooter entry in his Return To The Arcade series. This time out you take the role of Buzzy, one big ugly bug with a bad attitude who woke up stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe on the wrong side of the botanical gardens carnivorous floral exhibit and bird aviary. You need to get home to get bizz-ay and ultimately preserve the species in a final climactic ending that could only be described as insect pornography unlocking the gateway to Buzzy’s secret garden of love and an infinite number of levels.

NOTE: This game is not rated. Scenes and subject matter depicted may be considered offensive and highly unsuitable for larvae in the pre-pupae stage.