The software includes different kinds of things.

1. The webcam drivers, these are webcam drivers that are loaded as modules in the kernel. There should be support for 260 camera’s or something like that. In case your webcam is not supported, please let me know.

2. The photocam2x program, this is a program to take photos. Just use L or R to grab a picture. Press Y to go to the album, use the joystick to browse and click to view a photo full screen. Click again to go back to the album. Press Y to capture again. Press start to quit the program. Using A and B you can add some effects to the webcam stream. For more information, read the readme.

3. libcam2x, this is a library to make development of future programs that use webcam functionality easy. Some ideas: Puzzle game with live webcam as image, security motion detection, use webserver software of gp2x and stream the images over the internet, eyetoy like games, … (some extra info in readme) To test, copy the directory cam2x to your sd card / samba share.