Clonk2x is a port of Clonk Planet, a very interesting combination of Worms and Lemmings, combined with other strategic elements.


Improved ingame speed (rain no longer slows the game down, stilly floating points…)
New frontend, should be easier to work with. And displays scenario descriptions.
Scenario editor in the main menu. So now you can think up your scenarios on the road.
Rebuild with new toolchain, better GCC, so could be faster because of that. With highest optimalizations.

Also, it now longer allows you to select different players, but I don’t think anyone used that feature. (It always defaults to “Player.c4p” so just rename your active player to that)
It also no longer allows you to select other object packs. As it’s impossible these days to get object packs for clonk planet.
(Note, a you could hack these features in if you wish),0,0,0,29,1790