Craig has released the final 3.0 version of his music player CraigAmp for the GP2x.


Files are now listed alphabetically.
Volume saving bug fixed.
Lockup mode bugs fixed.
Random play now shuffles the playlist rather than jumping around it randomly, this
means you don’t get repeats and you can see what is next.
You can now softscroll by holding up or down, it will get faster the longer you hold it.
Playlists are now saved with windows AND unix line endings (and no more ‘x’s)
New playlists are now saved into the DIR where you chose to create them rather the DIR
you were in when you chose to save them.
Message to say ‘create new playlist with A button’ if no lists are found.
Player no longer misses 2 songs when looping back to the start.
If a picture cannot be found for a song/album/artist but there is only one picture in
the current DIR it will assume that picture is the artwork and show it.