Headoverheels has released a new version of FBA2x, a CPS 1 emulator for GP2x.


* Updated romset to the one in MAME 0.117u3 and added several clones
* CPS1: corrected the problems with Saturday Night Slam Masters (slammast,slammasu,mbomberj,mbombrd,mbombrdj)
* CPS2: added the function of deciphering of roms and support for the upper 32MB of memory. Many of the games already work without the need to create cache files. Others like DDSOM are still not working due to problems with memory management.
* CAVE: corrected problems with ESP Ra.De.(esprade,espradej,espradeo), Dangun Feveron (dfeveron,feversos), Thunder Heroes (theroes), Gaia Crusaders (gaia), Guwange (guwange), Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon(sailormo,sailormn) and Air Gallet(agallet)
* New supported games:
o Biomechanical Toy(biomtoy)
o Gals Panic(galpanic)
o Kaneko Pandora: Hyper Pacman(hyperpac,hyperpcb), Cookie & Bibi 2(cookbib2), Cookie & Bibi 3(cookbib3), More More(moremore,moremorep), XESS – The New Revolution (SemiCom 3-in-1)(3in1semi), Toppy & Rappy(toppyrap), Twinkle(twinkle), Puzzle King(4in1boot), Final Tetris(finalttr), Twin Adventure(twinadv,twinadvk), Honey Dolls(honeydol), Snow Bros(snowbros,snowbroa,snowbrob,snowbroc,snowbroj, wintbob),Snow Brothers 3(snowbro3)
o Kaneko 16: The Berlin Wall(berlwall,berlwalt), Blaze On(blazeon), Blood Warrior(bloodwar), Bonk’s Adventure(bonkadv), Explosive Breaker(explbrkr,bakubrkr), 1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally(gtmr,gtmra,gtmre,gtmrusa), Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally(gtmr2,gtmr2a,gtmr2u), Magical Crystals(mgcrystl,mgcrysto,mgcrystj)
o News(news,newsa)
o Oh My God!(ohmygod), Naname de Magic!(naname)
o Power Instinct(powerins,powerina,powerinb) Use the powerina ROM, the others run very slowly!!!