Release notes from Trenki:

I tried to develop an OpenGL ES-CL 1.0 implementation on top of my software renderer as a proof of concept.

The current implementation is an alpha release since I didn’t have enough time to test it thoroughly. Most useful functionality is implemented but some stuff like two sided lighting is ignored. Textures currently don’t have mipmaps and texture filtering is limited to GL_NEAREST. For more details please have a look at the included readme file.

I provide two versions for download: the standard version is just a straight implementation without any special optimizations. It has less code but the performance is rather poor compared to the raw software renderer. The optimized version contains basic optimizations. This can still be improved as in the current state my software renderer is at least 1.25 faster for the same scene. Compile times for the optimized version are very high and the compiled library file is rather big. This is due to my approach of using specialized template function. Maybe another easy to implement approach would be better suited.

The source code includes Visual Studio 2008 project files to compile for Windows and for the devkitGP2X. Addidionally a MinGW Developer Studio project file is included to compile with GCC for windows.

The implementation is released under the LGPL license. If you make any changes, refactorings, or significant performance improvements I will gladly incorporate them into the main source if you can provide me with a patch file.

Thanks to for the news.