Here are a bunch of news straight from the Giana’s Return homepage. Giana’s Return aims to be a sequel of “The great Giana Sisters”, an alltime classic game published by Rainbow Arts many many years ago.


Desert World completed! (01-06-2008)
…our beta tester Mulle will lay hands on it during the next week. We are waiting to have the recent changed integrated into a new beta. He also might do a video, depending on his schedule.

All 8 levels of the “Desert World” are of medium to high difficulty, you need to do a lot of careful jumps and overall everything is adjusting difficulty wise.

Giana goes iPhone? (01-06-2008)
ZodTTD has showed interest in making a port of Giana’s Return to the iPhone once it’s done. Of course this will depend on his schedule and on the public demand.

World 5 – Screenshot galore (29-05-2008)