Here are some news about the upcomming INOFFICIAL “The Great Giana Sisters” sequel for GP2x and probably other platforms.


PC Action Classic Gaming Article 1/2009

kedo, staff member at , gave us information about the recent PC Action “Classic Gaming” special 01/2009 article where they presented the official sequel of The Great Giana Sisters. Up to a specific point we knew that something like this was in the works, specially for the Nintendo DS platform.

The screenshots of the official sequel are impressing and the guys at Bitfield for sure did a great job. This imense “boost” of graphics and the nice style is also making a bit jelaus, we must admit 🙂 Probably we need to pimp the graphics a bit again to make it more worthy. It’s not like we want to compete with a commercial product now, but polishing never harmed.

Now we are having a more or less tiny dilemma, because we want to bring multi platform fun – a Nintendo DS version of Giana’s Return is impossible now as there would be an economical confilct and we are not interested in such a situation.

If we really want to be “independent” we probably must drop the name “Giana’s Return” to be free from outside influences. As the material is all ours, beside the used trademark, we will decide within the team how to go on.

A thing which goes close to our heart and which should be mentioned here:

Joachim Hesse, who works for PC Action, is a long time supporter of Giana’s Return. Recently his employee Computec has kicked him along with another guy. We are very thankful to Joachim for his support which can be also seen if you grab the magazine above. He mentioned Giana’s Return even it’s not out yet and he still believes in us. Considering he was one of the main heads of the german magazine PC Action and he is not with us anymore, I would be more than happy if you could sing up at this petition to get his job back. I believe he is doing it well as he supports also the small ones, just like us. If you want to help getting his job back please sign this petition: [ ] – A “PC Action” without him and his collegue Harald would be sad anyway. I believe the quality will drop dramatically.


It seems Jo’s email account has been assimilated and he also does not show up as active member at the PC Action webboards. Jo if you read these lines, please get in touch with us. Thanks!

Economical Conflicts?

Everyone knows the Nintendo DS remake will be out soon, so do we. We wrote an E-Mail to our contact person at Spellbound yesterday to get a few answers – but there is no response yet. Basically we will limit ourself to releases on economical dead systems such as Dreamcast, GP32 and similar and to systems with no economical relevance such as the GP2x, Wiz and Pandora.

It’s more than obvious that people wont see Giana’s Return in the near future on the Nintendo DS – you better buy the commercial game and support the development of Spellbound and Bitfield Only a minority of the people out there would be able to run a Nintendo DS version anyway, as you need specific hardware for this.

On Yotube we have found a video of the official sequel, which can be seen here: – you may compare this to our stuff located here: