News from the Giana’s Return team:

Quote 1:

Musicmaster Alexander “Op3rator” Oldemeier came up with new tune previews today. It’s pretty amazing and rockz the house. If it will happen that Giana’s Return is unplayable or crap, at least the music will save everything 😉

Alex’s extraordinary depressive chipmusic style is really a gift for the project! Thank you for your work!

Quote 2:

The lava world has got some tuning and looks much better than before.

Additional to the screenshots there are of course more news. The lava world is fully converted to the new set, which makes a sum of 28 complete levels. We are working on three more worlds and then we can consider this game finalized.

Unfortunatly we wont make the release at end of April, but we had neat progress almost every day of the week and hope to keep the speed.