Here are some progress news from the Giana’s Return homepage:

Gianas Return (Beta 06-11-2007)
Please note this beta is not public… Changes:
New tileset for world 1 (not final, should follow soon)
New credit screen (replaced the 5 other credit screen, compressed information)
New langage selection screen (with new flags)

discouraging feedback
we actually find it quite amusing if people try to discourage us… we know the project takes some time already, we know many people are waiting for the final of gianas return, but people who try to demotivate wont be the winners

please flame now, thank you! 😉

update 5th november
things seem to speed up a bit, as everyone is willing and ready to finish the project as soon as possible.

our new gfx guy is having slight problems with the engine it seems, he might need some attempts to fully understand the used engine and provide perfect results, but we are on the way. if everything goes straight, there will be new screenshots in the next three days.

our artist jayne, responsible for storyline and handdrawn backgrounds will have some time again from 7th novemeber on. this means we can expect progress in this matter.

some translators are already contacted, as soon as the storyline has been finalized, the texts will be sent out for translation into different languages. this will make giana a multi language game 🙂 we will keep the storyline short, so don’t expect a fully featured book a la harry potter 😀

we really want to push out the game in the next two months and we will do our best for this, but please everyone – the game is done, when it’s done. the public beta which was spreading around was a small failure as it contained bugs, which destroyed the gamefun pretty easy, we don’t want to have something like this again. we want a 101% product and not a 95% one… it’s also in your sense and will grant the fun you are looking for, at least for some hours 🙂

the ones who offered translation… confirmed are catalan, dutch and spanish – the other guys didn’t reply to our e-mails ;´:(