The guys at the Giana’s Return webpage posted those sad news:

Things are not going well in life, we all know this situation…

Today there was another major drawback in the development history of Giana’s Return. The new graphic artist, who was supposed to do the tile-adjustments to match the themes in each world has been kicked by the project organizer.

Obviously the graphic artist took more work than he can handle, which slowed down everything. Also the fact a professional not taking backups of his harddisk, having a crash and then asking for a partitial resent of important files doesn’t make the best impression.

Considering we don’t want to have too many different graphics guys working on them, due to keeping a constant style, we are basically at zero again.

Life sucks…

For those who don’t know: Giana’s Return is a 2D side scrolling jump and run game and can be considered a sequel to “The great Giana Sisters”.