GMenu2X is an alternative frontend for the GP2X handheld. It features direct links to applications and games, built-in free space monitor of sd-cards, built-in overclocker. All of this with a nice & clean look ‘n’ feel and easily customisable.


Support for additional utf8 characters
Restructured the virtual keyboard dialog with touchscreen support
New translations: Basque, Catalan, Turkish
Added support for the touchscreen
Added support for f200 battery
Added internal explorer that can launch .gpu .gpe and .sh files
Added graphic indicators for switching sections
Added on screen help (keep pressed A, only on the main screen at the moment)
Cpu clock raised when loading manuals
Added support for bmp and jpg/jpeg files for manuals
Added preview of images when selecting icons
Added option to show the root folder in the selection dialogs
Fixed bug that prevented the use of the custom selected wallpaper on restart
Lots of fixes