Here is the final version of GP2X-CAP32 the CPC emulator for GP2X.


– Many optimizations to speed up the emulation, frame rate is now 50 fps at
220Mhz in many games. Main modifications :
. Z-80 part as been rewritten using several hints such as explicit jump tables for instructions decode
. CRT and sound part has been a bit optimized
– Auto-fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off
(useful for games such as defend or die !)
– Add new hotkeys to setup auto fire speed
– RTrigger/LTrigger keys can be used in the keyboard settings menu to navigate between Normal, LTrigger and RTrigger compose mapping.
– New “Command” feature in the emulator menu:
. You have now to choose the command you want to run using arrows.
– Default Hotkeys can now be set in the keyboard mapping menu (useful to add hotkeys on existing/previous keyboard files)
– Remove dead code (such as printer, breakpoint, trace support etc …)