This is explicitly only for GP2x-F200 models and will not work with others!

Releae notes:

Firmware 4.0.0 for use only in the F-200 is released to the public.

Users who have accidentally flashed the F-200 firmware may download this firmware and update it.

This version does not work for GP2X F-100 consoles. Future release for F-100 will be available at a later time.

Update Information

– Current firmware version for F-200 does not support User Skin change function as it did in the F-100.
– New GUI Graphics
– Touch Screen Support
– Integrated Settings Menu
– MP3 player multi tasking (MP3+e-book, MP3+photo)
– 5 embedded games
– USB plug and play
– SDHC SD card support
– Mute boot sound (Press volume key down when turning on)

* MP3 hold function is changed to A button + L button

Firmware upgrade instructions

1. Download the firmware file
2. Decompress file and place files in the root of the SD card.
3. Turn on GP2X while holding down Select+Home
4. Firmware upgrades itself.

* Make sure you have enough battery or use the AC adapter while upgrading the firmware. If the power goes out while upgrading, it may damage the system.,0,0,0,42,2423