Thom is one of the best emulator of the Thomson TO7 home computer running on MacOS, Windows and Unix. GP2X-THOM is a port by ZX-81.

What’s new in GP2X-thom version 1.0.2 :

– New speed limiter
– New sound volume handler
– New virtual keyboard position
– Help file can have up to 4096 lines
(useful to write your own documentation/cheat file)
– Bug fix in sound mute
– Bug fix in joystick handler
(Diagonals weren’t properly handled)
– Bug fix in key mapping
(reverse Ltrigger and Rtrigger keys)
– New default keyboard mapping :
(press Trigger + Joystick to emulate cursor keys)
– Bug fix in menus
– Bug fix in file requester
(crash when moving up)
– Bug fix in exit handler
(should not freeze anymore)