Metalbrain has updated his ZX Spectrum emulator GP2xpectrum.


– Memory contention emulation is now optional. It’s changed together with frameskip. A different speed is used and will be stored for each setting.
– Allowed speed range is 100-220 MHz.
– Even when contention is enabled, it’s not calculated on the upper and lower border, getting a nice speed boost, so default speed has gone down to 145/175 MHz. Without contention emulation it’s left to 130/160 MHz.
– Virtual keyboard Y button will keep the key pressed for 5 frames to make sure the option is selected.
– Volume is set to 70% at exit, instead of 0% as before, so games that don’t set the volume don’t become soundless after executing GP2Xpectrum.,0,0,0,5,1786