Metalbrain updated GP2xpectrum, a Spectrum emulator for the GP2x.

Release notes:

What’s new:
– Fixed Sound emulation. Speaker & AY sounds OK now. New DSP Code. More accurated and there are fewer buffer underruns.
– Added stereo sound for the speaker & AY.
– Added sound mode selector: No sound, Mono, Stereo Beeper, Stereo AY, Stereo ALL.
– Added sound rate mode selector: 44100,32000,22050,11025KHz
– Added sound mute selector: Off,Low, High. Low is best for the f200 owners
– Added emulation speed mode: from -75% to + 75 %. Try to play ManicMiner 75% faster and and live to tell it
– Added FPS selector.
– Added VSYNC selector.
– Bug fix saving configuration.
– updated mmuhack

Note: The stereo sound needs more resources, try to change the cpu clock or change the sound mode if you have sound glitches.