Notaz has decided to pick up zzhu8192’s port of FCE Ultra. The emulator runs Super Mario Brothers in fullspeed now.


Major improvement: added ARM asm CPU core from LJGP32, which itself was adapted from FCA by Yoyofr. The core required substantial changes to make it work in FCE ultra.
The emulator renders directly to frame buffer now (previously it was drawing to offscreen buffer, which was then copied to framebuffer).
Squidge’s MMU hack added.
Added sync() calls after savestate writes.
Some additional tweaking here and there to get a few more FPS.
Volume middle now can be used as shift to emulator functions instead stick click (saving, stretching, etc.).
Added frameskip selection with shift+A and shift+Y (shift is stick click or volume middle).
Probably some more changes I forgot about.