GPFCE is a port of FCE Ultra, a NES/Famicom/FDS emulator.

Lots of work on the asm core. Timing fixed for some instructions. Some missing undocumented instruction handlers added. Lots of tweaking to make it compatible with all that mapper code.
Completely new PicoDrive style menu added with most standard FCE Ultra and some additional options. Selector removed, ROM list is now built-in and only limited by available memory.
Merged in most of code from 0.98.1x versions. Only ppu/rendering and sound emulation code left from 0.81 (which is less accurate but much faster).
Default palette changed to one from later versions.
Fixed some alignment problems in MMC5 and some other mappers.
Some generic optimizations and code cleanup/refactoring.
The built-in NSF player fixed.
Authentic GameGenie support fixed.
FDS support fixed.
VS Unisystem support fixed.
Ingame saves fixed (not sure when they got broken).
Increased maximum sound volume.
Added Zapper emulation just for fun.
Added partial FCM movie support.
Fixed some memory leaks.
Fixed a bug which caused USB connection from GP2X menu to hang after using gpfce.
Software scaler added.
USB gamepad support added.
TV out fixed.
Documentation updated.