Release notes:

GP2X Port based upon the Hammer of Thyrion linux port of Hexen 2. Allows you to play hexen 2 demo and full games, should also support the “Portal of Praevus” expansion pack. Features: – As far as i can tell, the singleplayer is fully playable. – I’ve implemented some optimisations from PocketQuake as well as some of my own. Still requires some overclocking though. – Redesigned GP2X input system. – Supports Background midi music (if you have timidity installed). SFX are not supported, they conflict with SDL_mixer…. With no sound, an overclock of 275mhz & RAM timings ON i get about 11 – 15fps… i will try to improve this, but i reckon its smooth enough to be playable. Read the GP2X_Readme.txt for installation instructions and controls. You can also mess with the settings in the autoexec.cfg for performance/quality.,0,0,0,20,2476