Hooka himself gave me a hint of one of his latest interviews. This time Hooka catched up Ruckage, who wrote a bunch of marvellous GP32 and GP2x Fenix games.

The first few lines of the interview:

Hooka: Who are you and what are you about?
Ruckage: I’m a 32 year old GP2X fan living in the UK with an addiction to making games.

Hooka: When did you attain a GP2X?
Ruckage: 14/11/06.

Hooka: What was you’re main reason for getting one?
Ruckage: Emulation originally, and the hope that I might be able to make a few games.

Hooka: You mentioned you used to use DIV, how hard was it for you to learn fenix having that prior experience?

Please read the rest of the interview directly at Hooka’s page.