This J2ME porting can run java mobile phone games even better than the average phone and with more confortable controls, for example it can run DoomRPG, Worms 2007, 300, Company of Heroes, Rainbow Six Vegas, Destroy all Humans 2 ect fullspeed!

New in this release:

– Screen rotation now works properly even for 240×320 games that now can fit perfectly the gp2x screen
– Added a variable to choose when to launch a game with rotated screen or not
– Added Dungeon Dweller as sample game, it’s a great Roguelike and is freely downloadable here:
– Some minor bugs fixed

Now the porting needs *only* sound support for MIDP2 games, if you’re a developer interested in making a release or you just want to mess with the code follow the instructions and hints in the readme file.,0,0,0,8,2634