Lemonboy2x is a GBC emulator by juanvvc based on gnuboy.

Release notes:

Lemonboy2x is a menu for Gnuboy. Old Gnuboy2x has a weird user interface, completely different to the other emulators. Unfortunately, K-teto lost most of the source code of his emulator. During this past week I made my own using the last Gnuboy (for PC), the pieces of source that K-teto could collect, the lemon art by Madcore and many code from AlexKidd (Puck2099) and Gpfce2x (Notaz)

The result is a Gameboy emulator with a more standard interface. Unfortunately, it is not as fast as the old Gnuboy2x and I can’t figure out why, but it is absolutely playable for all GBC games at 200MHz and GB games at 150MHz.

Please, read the README, CREDITS and LICENSE files for more information. Default buttons during the game:

Y: Go to menu
X and B: action buttons
Hold A: changes palette
L: save state 0
R: load state 0

This is a test release that I am using for days now with no errors. During the next week and if no error is reported, I will compile a faster, definitive release. Please, if you fell adventurous and want to collaborate in the testing, download this version and report any error to juanvvc AT gmail.com