LittleGPTracker (a.k.a ‘The piggy’) is a music tracker dedicated to run on portable game consoles. It is currently running on Game Park’s GP32, GP2x and there’s a windows version for wusses too.


1. LSDj like tables for heavy modulation. Tables can be triggered either from a TABL command or linked to an instrument in the instrument view. LSDj style instrument automation is possible. Table view is accessed either from Phrase or Instrument view by pressing RT+DOWN
2. Cloning of instrument/table
3. Renderer application released. This is a windows only app that will dump all channels in separate audio files rather than send it to the audio out. The created files are *.raw and are 16bit raw soundfiles.
4. CRUSH command and extended bit reduction capabilities
5. Implemented backward sample playback if sample END is set before sample START
6. Allow to return to the song selection list by pressing LT+RT+SELECT (esc under windows)
7. Configurable color scheme