A new version of Franxis Mame port for the GP2x has been released.


A lot of improvements have been done by Slaanesh:
– Updated threaded sound core. Restart with each game for better reliability. No more disappearing sound for games.
– Major bug fix in FM sound, no more disappearing sound in FM based games! ie. Bobble Bobble, Black Tiger, MANY others.
– Bug fix to YM3812 sound system. Fixes for sampled instruments handling.
– Sample sound code adjusted. Should play better. Specific fixes with samples in Galaga (explosion), Star Trek, Gorf and Berzerk. Note: Star Trek requires new sample set.
– Bug fixes (memory leaks) in core MAME code: unzip, palette and other common functions.
– Bug fixes (memory leaks) in game drivers: 1943, Break Thru, Black Tiger, Commando, Sega System 8 games, Atari System 1 & 2 games (Gauntlet, Xybots, etc).
– Some debug code has been added to detect new memory leaks.
– Protection emulated in Solomon’s Key.
– Updated driver for Return of the Jedi.
– Bobble Bobble sounds didn’t sync correctly with video and audio clock at 100%. Fixed.
– Optimizations in the Sega System 8 video hardware. Games like Choplifter running significantly better now.
Thanks, Slaanesh, for all your hard work!

– DrZ80 compatibility improvements. More games are now compatible: Windjammers, Tokio, Bobble Bobble, etc.
– Added Turtle Ship (turtship) (MAME 0.35b1). It has been also added to the ClrMAME DAT. 1139 romsets are now supported!.
– Tehkan World Cup can now be played with two players using USB joypads. Thx to Pepe_Faruk.
– Small bugfix in the MMUHack flush-cache calls. Thx to Notaz.