A new version of GP2x MAME is out! Most ofthe improvements in this version were done by Slaanesh.


– Updated vlm5030 sound system. Provides speech and sound effects in a number of games like
Yie Ar Kung Fu, Jail Break, Track and Field (and clones) or Salamander.
– Updated DAC sound system. Please use audio clock 100% for DAC games as they rely heavily
on precise timing. Ie. Donkey Kong, etc.
– Update to FM sound system re: disappearing sound. Bug REALLY fixed this time. :-).
– Added tilemapping code. Useful for adding new games and improving existing games.
– Updated Xain’D Sleena to use tilemaps. Large increase in speed. Plays nicely at 240Mhz.
– Updated Ghost’n Goblins to tilemaps. More tilemap games to come!.
– Fixed bug introduced in 3.9 re: samples not playing in Gorf, Wizard of Wor and Berzerk.
– Update to Sega System 8 games. Speed to games like Choplifter.
– Fixed Wonderboy in Monster Land (bootleg). Now playable with good sound.
– Bug fix to Time Pilot (memory leak).