Franxis has updated his MAME port for the GP2x.


– Compatibility improvements in the Cyclone M68k core. E.g. SpinMaster and Aero Fighters series are working again. Thx to Notaz.
– Optimizations in the Cyclone M68k core. 23% of the code has been removed. Also some Picodrive specific hacks have been removed. Thx to Notaz.
– Added the correct VSync code from Picodrive. Do not use auto-frameskip with VSync!. Thx to Notaz.
– Added sound quality selector (11-44 KHz). Also some tweaks have been done in the sound library and it is more accurate.
– Optimizations in the FM sound hardware libraries.
– Minor changes in the DrZ80 and the CPS-1 interrupts handling.