Franxis has updated his MAME port for the GP2x.


– Improved the System 16 driver (MAME 0.36b1): Several new System 16 games are playable (Moonwalker, Shadow Dancer, etc).
– Added the Sprite Manager support, required for the new System 16 driver.
– Updated UPD7759 sound core (MAME 0.36b1), to improve the digitized sound in the System 16 games.
– Rainbow Islands has been fixed (MAME 0.36rc1).
– Renegade has been fixed (MAME 0.36b6).
– Modified romsets: MAME 0.36b1: alexkidd, aliensyn, altbeast, astormbl, aurail, dduxbl, eswatbl, fantzone, fpointbl, goldnaxe,
hwchamp, mjleague, passshtb, quartet2, sdi, shinobi, tetrisbl, timscanr, tturfbl, wb3bl, wrestwar.
– New romsets: MAME 0.36b1: altbeas2, atomicp, bodyslam, goldnaxa, hangon, moonwlkb, quartet, riotcity, shdancer, shdancrj,
shinobl, tturf, wb3.
– Modified romsets: MAME 0.36rc1: rainbow, rainbowe, jumping.
– Updated the ClrMAME Pro DAT with the updated romsets.
– Fixed the “stuck” USB joypad problems. Thanks to Ark and TelcoLou.