Franxis and team updated their MAME port for GP2x. MAME is a “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


Changes by Headoverheels:
– New Gaelco games added (MAME 0.37b7): Big Karnak (bigkarnk) and Biomechanical Toy (biomtoy).
– New SunA 8 bit games added (MAME 0.37b15): Hard Head (hardhead), Hard Head (Bootleg) (hardhedb) and Rough Ranger (rranger).
– Optimizations in Xain’d Sleena.
– Fixed the NEC cpu bug that caused slowdowns in Raiden (MAME 0.37b15).
– Fixed some bugs in the I86/NEC cpu emulation. This includes raster effects problems in Geostorm and the 99 credits bug in Lethal Thunder (MAME 0.66).

Changes by Franxis:
– Cheats support added.
– Auto-fire support. Thanks to the code by AGAWA Koji.
– Jackal has been corrected.

Changes by Slaanesh:
– Optimizations in Commando (now it uses tilemaps).