Franxis and team updated their MAME port for GP2x. MAME is a “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


– ASM cores are selected automatically (according to an internal compatibility list).
– Several optimizations and hacks have been implemented in the sound cores (selectable with the fast sound option).
– Changes in the Neo·Geo memory management to be able to play more games with the limited GP2X RAM (64 MB). Also a separated executable is internally called to play the Neo·Games (to gain more RAM). New playable games: aof3, blazstar, fatfury3, kizuna, kof95, kof96, mslug2, ninjamas, pulstar, ragnagrd, rbff1, samsho3, shocktro, whp.
– Raster effects are disabled in some of the Neo·Geo games to gain speed.
– Optimizations in M72 games (R-Type, Hammerin’ Harry, Ninja Spirit, etc).
– Several optimizations in memory handlers, sprites, tilemaps, timers and CPU interfaces.
– Sound fixed in some games (e.g. Frogger). Also some hang ups are solved.
– Psycho Nicks Oscar fixed.