Franxis updated MAM4ALL for GP2x and Wiz. MAME stands for “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


Changes by Franxis:
– New timers system based on integers instead of floats. This gives more performance (10% to 25% depending on the game)!.
I have been working on it for months and finally it works. Please report any posible bug.
– Removed M72 sound hack, it is not needed now, M72 games run full-speed with the new timers system.
– Optimizations in the sound cores (mixing and clipping).
– Neo·Geo drivers are not compiled in the main executable, they are only compiled in the ‘neomame’ executable.
– Some other tweaks to decrease the size of the executables.
– Fixed the icon to be correctly shown in GP2X and WIZ latest firmwares.
– WIZ: Added option to use 11 KHz and 15 KHz sound. The WIZ Linux port doesn’t support such frequencies yet.
They are really converted to 22 KHz during sound playback. Anyway more performance is gained.

Changes by Slaanesh:
– Added new romsets from MAME 0.37b16:
Knuckle Joe (set 1) (kncljoe)
Knuckle Joe (set 2) (kncljoea)
– Updated Taito F2 driver. Sprite scaling for Dead Connection and others.
– Improved sound in Rygar. Still not perfect.
– Updated Blockout driver. Still crashes at bonus round.