Franxis updated MAM4ALL for GP2x and Wiz. MAME stands for “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


– Added volume control to the frontend. Also the default volume is lowered down.
– Fixed memory bug with games containing multiple FM sound systems. This stops some games crashing on exit.
– New option to enable DRZ80 only for the sound CPUs. Improves the compatibility of DRZ80.
It is automatically enabled to gain speed in several games (e.g. several Capcom, Sega and Midway games).
– Several other fixes taken from Slaanesh code (GP32 and Dingoo ports).
– Added new skins from GP32 and Dingoo ports (by Antiriad and Slaanesh).
– Added script to use 64 MB of additional virtual memory (swap file on the SD card).
It will reduce the life of the SD card. Use at your own risk!.
– GP2X: Upper memory is used as primary memory for all memory allocations to avoid lock-ups due to memory management bugs.
Not used for the Neo·Geo executable (to be able to run the heaviest games).
– WIZ: Added support for hardware timer. Not enabled yet (it seems to slow down the emulator a bit).
– Source code clean-up to avoid port definitions in the common part. Also improved makefiles are created.
– Preliminary integration of the ARMNEC core (created by Oopsware). Some games start to run but nothing playable yet. Disabled for now.