GP2X minimal library by rlyeh is a general purpose C multimedia library done for GP2X handheld, featuring efficent code and a very exhaustive API covering almost all known hardware.


+ GP2X 920t/940t CPUs library with a FIFO message system.
+ GP2X 32 bits YUV video library using double buffering.
+ GP2X 15/16 bits RGB video library using triple buffering.
+ GP2X 8 bits RGB video library using sextuple buffering.
+ GP2X sound library using octuple buffering.
+ GP2X TV out library using CX24785 video encoder chipset directly.
+ GP2X MMU library by providing own /dev/minimal kernel module.
+ GP2X joystick library with USB support.
+ GP2X profiler library.
+ GP2X blitter library.
+ GP2X image library.
+ GP2X timer library.
+ GP2X font library.

Thanks to drfreak339 ( ) for the news.