Oldplay is a music player for the GP2x which supports a lot of formats.


* Improved plugin priority list (will skip to next plugin if song can’t be
played with the current one, until it works or all fails)
* Added another name suggestion for new saving new playlists, same as dirname
as well as increased the upper limit for NEW: plalistXX.opl to *many*
* Minor graphical things;
Some linespacing (1 px in browser and 2 in infobox)
Increased range of equalizer (not sure why Sasq intentionally limited it)
so it reaches the top of it’s box now.
* Changed behaviour for directories that dont fit in browser views title
as well as adding zipped dir’s in there.
* Added start dir in config file. Usage; DIR=../music or DIR=/mnt/sd/music
* Made a new default theme
* Made volume increase less at lowest volumes.
* Very basic support for zipped m3u’s for kss, hes, ay.
If file is named FooBar.kss then m3u must be named FooBar.m3u just as
unzipped files would be. Naturally they have to be in the same zip (and dir in zip).
* Added (fast) seeking in CBR MP3 and MP2. Still a small lag due to old buffers
already filled that you’ll probably have to live with.
In VBR songs the accuracy is expected to be way off.
* Calculating track length for VBR MP3’s using the Xing header.
* Added support for mono in MP3 and MP2.
* And as usual some various bugfixes hardly worth mentioning