The Music Player Oldplay by Micket got an update.

* 10 new formats supported: ADL, WLF, JBM, D00, TTA, APE, MPC, WV, MIDI, AAC
* Increased some clockfreqs since i found FLAC and other formats to be a bit to heavy
when scrolling. (Most are at 150 MHz)
* TTA (The True Audio) support with seeking and ID3v1 parsing (actually, i haven’t tested it)
* APE support with seeking and ID3/APEtag parsing. I only think newer version work though
and nothing over high compresseion rate will play (I intentionally disabled them).
* Updated AdPlug to latest version. New format supported: ADL, WLF, JBM, D00
* MIDI support. Needs the sound patches installed in oldplay/timidity/timidity.cfg
and oldplay/timidity/instruments/… (Just extract in the oldplay dir)
/mnt/sd/timidity/timidity.cfg also work.
It might take a few seconds to load midis though. (Not sure if i can reduce the wait)
* WV (Wavpack) support. No seeking or tag parsing present though. Not sure about WVC files.
* MPC (Musepack) with seeking (no tags right now, I got bored)
* Increased sample rate for libmodplug and sidplay from 22.05 KHz to 44.1 KHz, and changed sid’s to mono
* MPEG2 (and 2.5, i think) should have correct samplerate now.
* Fast accurate seeking in VBR mp3’s that has a Xing header.
VBRI headers would be supported as soon as i had one to test out (send me one if you got the FhG encoder).
* Zip’s are now listed among the directories, then comes playlists, then other files.
* Added another color to the theme, color for playlists. Updated the 2 themes i include.
* AAC-playback. No support for mp4 yet though. Support for ID3-tags