Micket has continued the development on OldPlay. OldPlay is a portable multiformat music player for the GP2X and other platforms.


VERSION 1.31 (just bugfixes, sorry no time)
* Change the default length with DEFLENGTH=X, where X is time in seconds.
* Finer volume control at lower volumes (through software)
* Pressing VOLUP+VOLDOWN now works as stick-click (for F200)
* Excluded the PSF-plugin (it was to slow to be playable)
* Loading playlists no longer messes up length
* Fixed some debug-stuff that messed up settings in libmodplug
* Added the stereo blending option again (you need to set the buttons manually in the keyconfig)
* Probably fixed some minor bugs as well

Download “oldplay.zip” from Mickets page.

Leave feedback at the GP32x webboards: http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?act=ST&f=42&t=40517