One More Music Player Client – A cross platform mpd client targeted for Gamepark holdings GP2X.


1. Merge of changes from Michael summarized below
_a. Use of mpd states to save/load current playlist, allowing for resuming now playing song on restart
_b. Addition of an Add all Songs playlist…
_c. New “mpd kill” routine to facilitate save states
_d. Added needed “sync” calls after writes
_e. Cleanup/Safety checks added to thread code.
Other changes…
2. Fixed random playlist code so that it won’t add two of the same title…
3. Slightly reduced button hold time for screen blank/lock.
4. Allow volume changes while locked(B+vol)
5. Allow Prev/Next while locked(B+triggers)
6. Left and Right joystick now page up/down
7. Changes to Help text to mention random and repeat modes and clarify normal versus hold commands
8. Changed Vol/file type text to better fit in different layouts…
9. Readme and control file fixes to mention above random and repeat modes and need case of album art files.