Coder_TimT released a new version of his music player for the GP2x.


1. Separate clock speed option while locked, mostly for the f200 so that you can have a reasonable speed while interacting with the program so that the touchscreen can still work and have a low clock when locked still. You will notice a slight skip when locking because the music must be paused during the clock change or a lockup is likely. The pause causes the buffer to be emptied, thus the noticeable skip. There is still the slight possibility of a lockup during this operation, but I haven’t been able to trigger it in awhile. If you have problems, just set the clock options to the same speed and it will behave like previously.

2. Media Library – Browse by Artist, Album, Genre, Filesystem, or a flat list of all songs

3. Search/Filter – Filter lists being browsed with wildcard substrings. Use traditional or sql wildcards. So, *dog* will match all artists with “dog” in their name or g* will match all artists beginning with the letter ‘g’. Obviously it’s available for all lists…

4. Load folder/album/artist/genre as playlist. Pressing ‘Y’ on one of these items in the browser will make a new playlist will all songs under the item. So it will get all songs in a folder and its subfolders, or all songs in an album, or all songs for an artist, etc… Pressing ‘A’ will do the same, but append the items to the current playlist.

5. No more config file editing. If the folders don’t exists that are in the config file when you first run ommpc, the options dialog will popup and you will be able to edit your paths from there. Of course if you prefer to pre-edit the file you can.

6. Since you’ll now need to type, there is a new touchscreen enabled virtual keyboard that will present itself when needed. Obviously it can be used via buttons also… Not a full keyboard, but most everything you’ll need should be there. It is still definitely a work in progress though. There is no cursor or cursor keys, so mistakes can only be fixed via backspace. It’s a start though. I must once again apologize for any non-english users for my horrible lack of any internalization. It’s something I really need to look into.