Open2x is an umbrella project to bring open source, community friendly, solutions to the GP2X Linux handheld system. The project consists of a number of complementing sub-projects that work together to deliver things such as the Open2x toolchains, kernel and firmware.

Release notes:

All my enthusiasm has been sapped at the moment due to various changes in the scene, so I am going to throw this out there in the hope that I will get interested again. I’m not sure that many people on here now have even seen a GP2X/GP32 though.

F100 only for now, if (and only if) I see enough interest will I compile the kernel for F200 (I have tested it on an F200, but only messing around with quick kernel builds and much faffing).

Known issues (there are probably more, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head right now):
– Built in music player stutters on MP3s (recommend: install your own on SD).
– Built in video player menu gets a bit messed up after quitting a video (not actually seen this myself but enough people have said so that I believe it).
– Compatibility is pretty damn good, but not everything works. – Try compat, failing that, sorry. I have worked around many, many application specific problems and to be frank, it is boring. If you can nail down the problem precisely, tell me and I will see what can be done about it however. Also, have a look here.
– Very occasionally the sound patches mess up and get locked with no sound. Try pressing X on GMenu2x and watch the icon in the bottom right change.

– Built in GMenu2x
– Faster boot time
– Can have forced sound scaling/muting.
– Safe to install
– Can be installed from all firmwares
– Can revert to GPH firmware with no ill effects
– No need to reflash the bootloader
– Dynamic linking now possible
– Up to date libraries
– kexec syscall in the kernel
– Many, many more! If you discover something I forgot, let me know.

If anybody wishes to help, please come in our IRC channel, #open2x on FreeNode. We don’t just need help from kernel people. Libraries, built in apps, user/developer guides, any extra odds and ends you feel might be useful to somebody all need to be worked on!

Thanks to Orkie himself for the news!