OpenBOR is a port of Beats Or Range (BOR) to the GP2x. Beats of Rage is a freeware open source video game and brawling game engine made by Senile Team and inspired by the classic Sega Streets of Rage series.

1. Dynamic Animation Frame Memory Manager (No more Frame Limits and Also reduces memory by HALF!!!)
2. Memory utilizations in system options menu (shows how much memory is being utilized by your mod)
3. Controller I/O interface redesigned for PSP (Thinking of wifi mulitplayer next on the list).
4. XBoX now uses Sprite Flip Technique.
5. XBoX now supports 4 Player Control.
6. XBoX now stablilzed, no more random crashing!
7. XBoX hardcoded paths removed default.xbe anywhere with the included folders!
8. GP2X now RUNS!
9. GP2X now uses Sprite Flip Technique.
10. GP2X now uses Filecaching for faster file loading.
11. GP2X now uses open2x dev environment.
12. GP2X now uses SDL Hardware acceleration
13. Unified Libraries for all platforms!
14. New LINUX platform Identical to Windows version took me a whole 2 minutes to port it!

In order to download the program you need to be registered.