Open BoR is a port of “Beats of Rage” and the enhanced OpenBOR for the GP2x. It’s an marvellous fighting engine with plenty of modifications available.


New Features:
* Official OpenBOR Logo, Menu and Icons is now in place. Thank You Fightn Words!
* All new Menu for Windows/Linux/PS3/GamePark (Other platforms will be upgraded too!).
* Two Types of Window Releases (DLL linked executable and the new Single file executable).
* Previews for Mods are now available within the menu!
* Music playback for mods are now available within the menu!
* Logfile Viewer is now available within the menu!
* Auto detection for widescreen mode is now done for menu.
* Auto detection for Windowed/Fullscreen mode is now done for menu.
* Automated Build system now compiles every platform including XBOX!
* Menu now automatically boots to mod if only one mod is found. (Great for mod creators!)
* Updated Credits screen, to reflect Fightn Words contributions.

Bug Fixes:
* Bilinear & Bilinear Plus Widescreen filters are now fixed.
* Special Animation is now being checked properly (No longer a required animation).
* Engine Crash while Switching filters during mid-level now FIXED!

Known Issues:
* GP2X controls are screwed up! Need testers that provide quick feedback! Otherwise it remains broken!
* New filters still need to be implemented officially into PSP, Dreamcast, XBOX and GP2X.
* Switching filters in options does not update screen until I leave current menu (Only applies for MMX filters). Currently investigating
* Probably a whole lot more I’m not aware of….lol
* Delete settings.sav prior to using it!!!,0,0,0,20,2302