Here are the release notes:

I don’t really have any applications to test this with right now, but over the last few days I’ve totally rewritten the scripts that compile the Open2x libraries which resolves a few long standing problems (not the MOD with SDL_mixer problem nickspoon but I am looking into that – I have confirmed it is true 😉 ), updated most of the libraries to their latest versions and have added a few new ones. Anything included will most likely be included in the Open2x firmware for dynamic linking (to give an idea of how much we’re trying to cram in there).

All this stuff should find its way into SVN within the next day or two, so if you prefer to compile your own libraries, it won’t be long now 🙂 .

To use it, just extract into your toolchain directory (compiled for the gcc 4.1.1 Open2x applications toolchain, but it will probably work on DevkitGP2X and maybe our kernel toolchain). If anybody who tests this could post here with your experiences, it’d be much appreciated!