Notaz has released a new version of his Genesis and Sega CD emulator Picodrive. The new main feature is the support of the Sega CD GFX chip.

Detailed changelog:

  • ISO files now can be zipped. Note that this causes VERY long loading times.
  • Added data pre-buffering support, this allows to reduce frequency of short pauses in FMV games (caused by SD access), but makes those pauses longer.
  • Fixed PCM DMA transfers (intro FMV in Popful Mail).
    Properly implemented “decode” data transformation (Jaguar XJ220).

  • Integrated “better sync” code into cyclone code, what made this mode much faster.
  • Fixed a bug related to game specific config saving.
  • Frameskipper was skipping sound processing, what caused some audio desyncs. Fixed.
  • Fixed reset not working for some games.
  • New assembly optimized memory handlers for CD (gives at least a few fps). Also re-enabled all optimizations from 0.964 release.
  • New idle-loop detection code for sub-68k. Speeds up at least a few games.