HeadOverHeels has released a new version with SA-1 support and with “Speedhacks” of “SnesAdvance” support.

This is an Alpha, so is much less compatible and slower than previous versions.

This version is only recommended to play Super Mario RPG, is not a substitute for the previous version. When you launch Super Mario RPG must appear a “speedhacks loading” message, if you cannot see that the game is not loading correctly. If you overclock to 260 you can play SMRPG between 20-40 fps.

This version also supports Kirby’s Dreamland, Kirby Superstar & Parodius 3 , but they are too slow.You can try to add the specific speedhacks for each of these games to improve performance.You have to edit snesadvance.dat and add the specific hacks that you want, it is text file.

(News text supplied by Rivroner, thanks)