POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait.


Updated 32×32 icons from Ibson the Grey that have the new weapons.
Describe Ricochet. (Malte Helmert)
Extra regen for being full occurs even if you have a ring of regeneration worn. (Malte Helmert)
Regenerating magic when hungry occurs deterministically. (Malte Helmert)
Sleeping creatures are not damaged by light attacks.
Creatures who can’t eat won’t be hungry or full, regardless of pre-poly state. (Tobias Pierce)
Port to the GP2X by David Parker, done original for version 104, has now been rolled into the official build process. (David Parker)
Fix a type mismatch passing a structure as a pointer (!!) which surprisingly only caused problems on some platforms. (Peter Roozemaal, with patch)
Attempted to move all systems to va_copy – I hope I’m not longer using any old enough compilers that complain. Apparently MSVC still lacks va_copy. (Peter Roozemaal)
Some liches were locked up in a secret room as a temporary measure until I do a proper fix for AI opening doors. (The Rani)
Pushing a boulder against another boulder now has a full stop. (FEG)
Remove redundant to in bind soul description. (David R. Shultz)
Anachronistic reference to jello replaced by jelly. (R. Dan Henry)
Improved message for losing water walk (R. Dan Henry)
Pax will now grant Endure Hunger and Teleport. Tlosh will grant Preserve. Klaskove will grant Blunt Weapons. (R. Dan Henry)
+10 flaming swords have been overpowered because the +10 counts as a pure damage bonus to both the flame and regular sword attack, effectively giving +20 damage. To mitigate this, enchantment bonus is now only added to the base sword damage, not any bonus artifact or fire damage. Further, the enchantment is rolled against so you get +1d10 damage rather than +10. This doesn’t effect +1 weapons, but provides a sliding penalty for the overpowered weapons tossed around by H’ruth.
Fixed source code comment that lied about ways to charge lightning rapiers. (Adam Boyd)
You can really eat water elementals now. I hope.
There is now a mini icon for the rapier. It is the same as the sword in all builds but Ibson the Grey. You may guess who motivated this inclusion. (Ibson the Grey)
The Leather Helm now has its own tile icon so you can tell it apart from iron helms on the dungoen floor. (Jan Milewski, Ibson the Grey)
Speaking of which, the Ibson the Grey tileset has caught up to all the current tiles and also sports distinct male and female clothing.
Casting wizard eye and possess will now be noticed by the gods. (R. Hamaker, Bridget Farace)
When you choose a god or forget a spell there is now a confirmation.
Your current god is reported when you level up. (Meddyan)
An entry on the wiki was ret-conned to be correct.
Skills and spells don’t show up in the intrinsic list if they’ll show up later anyways. (R. Dan Henry)
Torches classified as weapons rather than misc, so thus should no longer change their properties when artifacts become or unbecome being torches. (David Damerell)
Jumping will noise your feet as expected.
After you have filled your highscore list, you will get the option to pick a starting god to avoid having to start-scumm to get equipment suitable for different gods. (Derek S. Ray)
Option to pick a random name. (Sam Goldfield)
Firing upwards with ice/fire wand no longer affects the square you are on.
You can now zap lightning rapiers. (Bunnyriffic)
Special rooms now have their doors flagged so creatures will not open them until you do – this should avoid out of depth creatures wandering the dungeon and killing you. (Derek S. Ray, Brendan)
Remove forbidden double knowledge from description of bleeding wounds skill (David R. Schultz)

Note: While the highscore is kept, save games are never preserved between versions. Please wait until your current character dies before upgrading.

Special release notes for GP2x:
Two versions ago, David Parker ported POWDER to the GP2X. The GP2X is a type of hardware I’ve always meant to support – they actively encourage homebrew style development. Thus, I am very happy that David’s changes have been rolled into the main development branch so we should have a GP2X build now. For those aching for stylus support – the source is there too. I have compiled this version blind, so apologies in advance if there are problems. With your feedback we can get it worked out.

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.