A new release of PSX4GP2x is ready! This Playstation 1 emulator for the GP2x comes with the following changes in this version.


– Unai’s work in progress frameskip is now implemented in this release. NOTE: Unai has advised me it is in a “preview” type stage. For testing feedback it is set to on by default.
– New dynarec! Faster and more compatible.
– Reverted to old CDR ISO handling. Everything but .bz/.index is supported, including ISO’s.

This build is much faster in many games. With the right settings there are games that run fullspeed with sound and no interlacing! Frameskip is still being worked on and there’s a lot of performance still to be unleashed from the emulator with that feature alone. Also the dynarec has further to go. There’s a lot of polishing to do, but feedback is greatly welcomed.