ZODTTD didn’t forget the GP2x community and ported his recent PSX4iPhone over to the GP2x.

Release notes:

Hi everyone!

I said I’d be back with a release of psx4gp2x when I learned more from trying other platforms, and here I am…with a new build of psx4gp2x! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Keep in mind this is a test build. Think of it as a rough beta.
– There’s no pretty interface, as it’s the standard old psx4gp2x GUI. I will soon move over to allowing it to interface with a menu system.
– There’s no support for BIOS emulation (HLE) in this build, though it will be enabled in future releases. For now, you will need a PSX BIOS, either bios41a (I hear this is a great BIOS!) or scph1001.bin, but it MUST be named scph1001.bin (all lowercase) and be placed in the psx4gp2x directory where the psx4gp2x.gpe is.
– Save states may or may not work. Haven’t tested them yet.
– Memory card in-game saves should work.
– Lots of stuff needs tweaking.

If you really want to see how things improved, play Buster Bros Collection from the previous release and compare it to this one. I was playing a very nice game with this latest build with sound enabled (sounded good!), no interlacing, and frameskip 1/2 and it was great.

Remember this is based on psx4iphone private beta v0.1.2 which is implementing my modifications to frameskip. Some games get graphical glitches or prefer a certain frameskip setting. If you see a flashing black screen glitch, just change the PSX Cycle and make it lower until it goes away.
You will also notice that even on really high frameskips, especially in 3D games, things dont go much faster and are still fairly smooth. This is due to the way these games are programmed. Not all frames can be skipped in the render process, so sometimes a really high frameskip in these games gives a slight performance boost but still keeps things smooth. Help me find out what settings should be default.

Here’s a direct download link to psx4gp2x v0.1.2 beta/test build:

Installation is the same as previous psx4gp2x releases. Fairly standard stuff, but since I dont have it all written out right now, I’ll leave it to experienced users.

EDIT: I’ve set up a psx4gp2x section in my very active forums at www.zodttd.com. Though it seems its pretty empty currently.